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Default BenQ FuQ !

The 2018 award for biggest piece of junk in the history of electronics goes to

BenQ !!!

For producing one of the most useless garbage cd/dvd rom reader/writer drives I have ever seen !

1. First the drive started to fail to open and close.

2. Now it completely blocks the drive. Even pulling or pushing hard on it doesn't help.

I believed maybe these blocks are electronics failures so I pulled all the cables trying to get rid of ground loops and static electricity, this didn't help.

It's also possible the firmware got infected with some advanced virus blocking the drive.

I am not even going to try and repair it cause I already know what the stores will say, "not worth the cost". Though maybe if I ever get to dismounting it I will open it to see what caused the blockage.

This drive has been rarely used. I no way should it have failed this spectacular.

It's total junk.

BenQ should based on this evidence completely stop from designing and manufacturing electronics ! LOL.

Never ever will I buy a product from them ever again... and if I somebody ever dares to enter my living space with such a product I will immediately kick him/er out of the door or the product goes into the waste basket... before it fries any of my electronics by connecting it ! LOL.

Here is a video for your enjoyment how I wrecked the **** out of this piece of ****:

(I never wanted this drive in the first place !)