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Default acer laptop 3050

On Sat, 12 May 2012 18:21:46 +0100, christineHill

I have a acer laptop 3050 and tried to us a hp power cord the laptop
will power on but the battery want charge?
I DON,T THINK I,m getting enough power. It will come on with the power
cord but that,s as for as will go, once i pull out the power cord it
will cut off. Should i get the correct power cord and charger to see if
it will charge the battery and get more power to boot up, the screen is

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( 'buy asus laoptop
battery' (

I know no one will read this, but better than guessing, better than
imainging what might be right or wrong, you should test and find out
for sure what is going on. You should find out what voltage the
charger should be, and you should read the spec on the hp charger to
see if it is as many volts as is needed, and not tooo much bigger.

You should also verify that the HP charger is working by using a
voltmeter to measure the output voltage. Since you can't easily
measure the voltage when the cord is plugged into the computer, you
have to measure it when it's not connected, and with no load, the
voltage should be hire than what is needed.

On the ACER D250 and many other Acers, the voltage shoudl be about