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Rare hard lock ups with videos with acceleration with an old ATIRadeon 4870 HD video card in a Windows XP Pro. SP3 machine?

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Old January 8th 13, 01:38 PM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.ati
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Default Rare hard lock ups with videos with acceleration with an oldATI Radeon 4870 HD video card in a Windows XP Pro. SP3 machine?

On 1/7/2013 3:25 PM PT, Ed Light typed:

I forgot to follow up! OK, downgrading back to v8.10 showed no more lock
ups AND no time/clock slow downs with DVI when playing videos. Over
Christmas 2012 break, I narrowed the driver down to v9.4 that was the
last driver that did not have problems. :/ I could not figure out what
caused these problems in v9.5 release notes.

Have you tried 12.4?
Are you uninstalling the old drivers in the Win XP program uninstall
list, rebooting, then installing the new one?

Yep to all. I even used those driver cleaners (Fusion and Sweeper). FYI,
it seems like others had this problem according to my old
http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthread.php?p=1337124889 forum thread
(more details than in this newsgroup thread). Oh well, no more
upgrading ATI/AMD video drivers for this 4+ years old video card in it.
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Old March 28th 13, 01:46 PM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.ati
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Default Rare hard lock ups with videos with acceleration with an old ATI Radeon 4870 HD video card in a Windows XP Pro. SP3 machine?

I forgot to follow up on this old issue! Ever since Christmas eve
(12/24) in 2012, I finally found the highest old driver version to use
to fix my other issues as shown in
http://www.rage3d.com/board/showthread.php?t=33994195 ... I have been
using v9.4.

So far, I only have had two hard lock ups while surfing the web right
after watching Flash videos in my Mozilla's SeaMonkey v2.x web browsers.
None during any videos so far. The latest incident was last night when I
had corrupted mouse cursor since yesterday morning (did not feel like
rebooting). I had this rare corrupted mouse issue for over four years
IIRC. I don't know if they are related. I did notice changing video
acceleration one notch lower fixes it. Putting it back to max again,
then makes it corrupted again.

At least the hard lock ups were way less than before with the newer

Ant wrote:

I am having annoying, rare hard computer lock ups when it comes to
playing videos through local files (MPEG-2 and TS) with various players
(Media Player Classic-Home Cinema, DVB Viewer Pro, and VideoLAN Client
(VLC) Media Player) and streaming Mozilla SeaMonkey v2.0.14 web
browser's Flash. It's not easy to reproduce the hard crash easily since
it is rare and random. I don't need to be using the computer with the
videos playing to reproduce the hard lock ups too. It has been happening
for over a year or so on this old, updated Windows XP Pro. SP3 machine
with a MSI R4870-T2D512 OC Radeon HD (512 MB) PCIe video card from late
2008. More details can be found in
http://zimage.com/~ant/antfarm/about/computers.txt for the primary computer.

I tried upgrading with its various drivers and softwares, but nothing
seems to improve and fix this problem. The only thing that seems to fix
it is disabling video acceleration fully (none) in Windows XP Pro. I
have not seen the hard lock ups for about a month of testings with no
video accerelation. SP3's display properties' troubleshoot tab (no
reboot required). However, this makes display stuff slower and choppier,
unable to use ATI/AMD's CCC, upside down videos for some formats (e.g.,
MPEG-2 and TS), etc. DPC Latency Checker v1.3.0 showed about 1000-2000us
with acceleration for videos. Without acceleration, it is under 250us.
Big differences and maybe the cause?

Here is what I have observed and done so far over the year:
-PC frozen hard and audio stuck (if playing audio) when playing videos
(Flash, MPEG-2, and TS). Requires a reset button push.
-After powering off frozen PC, its computer's front power light is still
on but fans are off.
-Happened when multitasking and idled (MPC-HC after 4.25, 5:37 minutes,
hours, etc.) with SM2 (many or one tab(s)).
-Both MPEG-2 decoders (CyberLink PowerDVD 7 and MainConcept) have choppy
problems, but
-Choppy video and/or audio, and desynched audio related to lock ups?
-Froze in a noisy Marine's Aquarium screen saver once so far.
-Resetted ATI settings to use its defaults (global and each button) in
CCC, deleted profiles, deleted profiles.xml files, and redid profiles.
-Disabled onboard audio in device manager and use MPC's options
playback output audio renderer null renderer.
-Disabled Dxdiag's audio acceleration options.
-Unplugged speaker cables from onboard audio.
-Uninstalled, ran Drive Sweeper, and installed latest RealTek's audio
driver again (didn't work with previous ones)
-Installed newer Intel chipset drivers.
-Uninstalled K-Lite.
-Ran four registry cleaners and three optimizers.
-Replaced dying 500 GB HDD with a new 1 TB HDD that hold videos.
-Happened with MPEG2, TS, and SM2's streaming Flash videos.
-Happened in MPC-HC, DVB Viewer Pro., and VLC with recorded and live
-MPEG-2 and TS videos only. WMV, MKV, MP4, FLV, etc. don't seem to
reproduce the hard lock ups.
-Happened in both single and clone (DVI + CRT TV) display with just
playing and skipping.
-Happened with a little as 30 minutes to a few days for Windows uptime.
-A few minutes to four hours for playing local videos if reproduced.
-Happened with always on power and minimal setups.
-Happened with VGA 60 hz and 70 hz primary VGA LCD monitor.
-Happened without ATI Stream SDK v2 Developer.
-Happened without ATI Media Codec/Avivo.
-Happened in cold and hot temperatures.
-Happened in both computer usage and idled status.
-It doesn't matter with USB versus/vs. USB+PS2 adapter for mouse.
-Happened with and without ffdshow audio's volume increase.
-Happened with and without bass.
-Upgraded updated IE6 to 7 with all updates.
-Uninstalled and installed latest K-Lite Mega Codecs.
-Uninstalled old MPEG-2 codec and SopCast.
-Uninstalled Firefox v2.0.0.20 and XeroBank web browser.
-Uninstalled DVD Fab.
-Uninstalled VMware Workstation
-Disabled disc drives
-Reinstalled the DirectX 9.0c June 2010.
-Tested DirectX.
-Reinstalled DirectX 9.0c online, but it detected I have the latest.
-Set DirectX display to use 70hz refresh rate.
-Changed CMOS' values (crashed after about 1.5 hours while surfing web
and watching a WMV in MPC):
CPU Vcore values from 1.01875 V to 1.02500
CPU DLL Vcore from 1.375 V to 1.400 V
DIMM Voltage from 1.100 V to 1.125 V
-Uninstalled SilverLight v1.0.0.
-Changed SATA HDD.
-Disabled Catalyst AI.
-Disabled ATI HDMI audio driver.
-Disabled video's "Hardware Accelerator" with two notches left/down from
-Disabled DVXA.
-Disabled two dxdiag.exe/DirectX's features (can't disable DirectDraw or
pink display): Direct3D Acceleration and AGP Texture Acceleration
-Disabled HP's startup programs.
-Powered off speakers, CRT TV, and VCR.
-Deleted C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\DRM
-Uninstalled System47 screen saver.
-Disabled IME startups.
-Removed VirtualEarth 3D plugin and upgraded Google Earth
-Disabled rundll32.exe ptipbmf.dll startups.
-Doesn't seem to related to MCD, PuTTY, SecureCRT, PopTray, Pick-A-Tag,
and Trillians.
-Tried disabling ATI's Video's All Settings: Automatic deinterlacing,
dynamic contrast, and enforced smooth video playback.
-Disconnected and replugged speaker cable
-Uninstalled and upgraded RealTek's latest audio and network drivers.
-Uninstalled ATI/AMD's video driver, ran Driver Sweeper, and installed
ATI video driver with a newer one.
-Uninstalled Koi Fish 3D screen saver.
-Muted audio in MPC.
-Checked inside PC. Nothing odd, just dusty. Video card was hot/warm,
but it doesn't matter if it is cold/hot in the room.
-Had no problems for about a month and then they came back. Weird.

I really don't want to reinstall Windows from scratch/cleanly to fix
this too. I am hoping someone would have some ideas to try. Maybe the
video card is dying due to its old age? I also don't play computer games
anymore for years, so I don't know if they will crash too. I assume they
will if a 3D screen saver had a hard lock up before.

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