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*** Battlestar Galatica Deadlock DLC4 feedback *** Good Game ***

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Old April 1st 19, 12:25 PM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia
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Default *** Battlestar Galatica Deadlock DLC4 feedback *** Good Game ***


I am going to use this post to give some feedback to developers for Battlestar Galactic Deadlock (up to DLC4 sin and sacrifice)

Currently I am enjoying single player quite a lot ! Wicked Game !

I am gonna give some suggestions for future improvements:

1. I want some more robot sounds.
2. I want some more woosh-woosh red light things going back and forth and that sound of the robot eye.
3. I want original/classic sounds for fighters
4. I want to hear the fighters go "turbo boost" like in original/classic ppssshhhh
5. I want to hear engines for fighters on human and cylon side like in original/classic
However I want all the original/classic sounds to be re-done... so that the sound similiar but of higher audio quality.
6. I would like to select multiple ships at once and tranfser them once.
7. I would like to merge fleets
8. I would like to be able to do more of the same operations on different screens, like change weapons/squad types and such
9. I would like to have more info about weapons in blue print... like what do guns do damage/sec
10. In inspect I would like to click the guns and then get some info or so so I don't have to do this while in battle or so... I think there it was possibly to some degree...

Good tactical/strategy game, so far best 3D space/tactical game !

I am enjoying it a lot ! =D

But it can still be better ! =D

A big game publisher should get on board or so and try to make the game even better.

This a pretty good game.

I wasn't sure at first... the game looked a bit boring on youtube.... but it is actually quite entertaining.


Step by step game play.

Coolest thing is the replay and auto-cam while replaying...

Like a director directing a movie... cool stuff. Never really seen that before in a game or very rare. In this game it's pretty cool.

This game has lots of guns/missiles/explosions, ya gonna luv it ! =D

11. Only thing I find kinda lame about this game is missiles/rockets allowed to shoot from any direction.... this should be done different... some rocket/missile launchers should be worked into the ships or on top or some module or something that has to turn ship or module to shoot the missiles/rockets that would make it even more tactical, but for now I can live with this =D

Old April 1st 19, 12:47 PM posted to alt.comp.periphs.videocards.nvidia
[email protected]
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Default *** Battlestar Galatica Deadlock DLC4 feedback *** Good Game ***

Some more stuff I wrote on discord will post it here just in case it goes lost on discord

11. Only thing I find lame about this game is rockets/missiles can be shot from any direction/side... there should be some rocket launchers or holes in ships so it can only be fired from that direction
for 3,4,5 I would still like a mod pack for classic sounds or a mix of old and new... that be cool.
8. Some operations cannot be done in some screens don't know exactly what but will try and pay attention to it to describe it better.
I think one example might be while in transfer screen the rest freezes up or so and can't change anymore
12. I would like the GUI to continue functioning when play is pressed... for example I would still like to switch to main map when play is pressed... currently this is not possible.
( I don't understand fighter groups, what is the benefit of creating a fighter group ? )
13. (Here and there pop-up/hint messages could be added while hovering over certain icons)
14. (I find it a bit weird how some "gasses" do show a pop-up explaining the effects and other gasses/nebulas dont... like the green ones... not sure why that is... not sure if they effect gameplay/game/stats and such)... quite cool though how these nebulas affect missiles and locking and such :smiley:
15. I would like the music to change while doing battle... I am not sure if enabling "randomize music" actually goes to the next track once the current playing track/music is finished... it gets a bit annoying during long battles if the same music keeps playing over and over again...
(here a hint/pop message could be given to specify what randomize music actually does, though kinda weird... maybe special option to change music after it's done... maybe this is already implemented I think it was less annoying when random was enabled)
16. I am not sure what high and ultra settings are... tomorrow I will try ultra settings... I kinda like the easy settings but it does kinda make me wonder...
17. Sometimes I miss the ability to set way points for ships... the lack of this is kinda interesting though...
18. (the hint messages which are displayed during loading should probably be turned into some tips/pop-ups when hovering over certain items).
I am not sure if I am going to be back the next days cause I also play World of Warships and it has a special april fools gameplay/missions but after that I'll play some more battlestar galatica... unless it fools stuff sucks then straight into galatica... kinda wanna finish the first campaign and have fun with it.
19. I would like to play the second "follow up?" campaign as well ? I have 4 DLCs... I clicked the first one... I hope second one will become available so I don't have to replay... I am not sure what will happen if I select number 2... I would like to skip the stuff I already did not sure if first campaign is different in DLC2 ?
Otherwise I might have to skip it and go to DLC3 and DLC4 (sin and sacrifice) at least these are seperatable selectable/playeable :wink:
Not sure if I am gonna like DLC3... with all that jumping didn't quite understand the jumps... just took a quick look at it... anybody like DLC3 (anabasis) ? Seems a bit interesting though trying to stay alive (reminds me of left 4 dead )

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